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Trix are for kids (Elkana)
(smirk, original)

    (AP)  The Trix Rabbit has filed litigation against his employer 
General Mills, claiming damages of 1.5 million dollars.  His lawyer
spoke to the press this afternoon, and explained that this case is 
based on defamation of character and loss of future income.
    "Our client is called `silly' numerous times in General Mills 
advertisments, and the other actors continually ridicule him.  We 
feel that General Mills has permenently damaged our client's chances 
at landing other parts."
    The attorney went on to give an example, stating that "He wanted 
to read for the role of 'Crackle' in a Rice Krispies ad, but was 
turned away by a Kellog's representative who said `silly rabbit, this 
part is for a kid."
    When the agent for the Nestle Quik Rabbit was contacted, he said 
that his client had no intention of following the Trix Rabbit's lead.
    "Our relationship with Nestle is quite amicable.  They pay him 
well, they don't make him look like a fool, and they let him eat all 
the chocolate he wants."
    The Enegizer Bunny had no comment, but his agent remarked that 
"As long as Everyready keeps paying, those commercials will keep 
going and going."
    At press conference later today, representatives from General 
Mills made an offer to settle out of court which consisted of 900 
boxes of Trix cereal, but this was reportedly turned down.  The Trix 
Rabbit himself is quoted as saying "Let them keep their @#!% cereal!  
They can give it to those stupid kids for all I care.  I want some 
cold hard cash."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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