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Radio Z (Hanspeter Schmid)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology

This is a true story which happened to my brother last week:

In this city, Zurich, there are two radio stations, one is called
`Radio Z', the other is `Radio 24'. My brother and some of his friends
were invited to visit Radio Z. They were told all the interesting
things about modern radio stations, for example that they actually
produce their own CDs just for broadcasting, storing them in a room
where a robot can access them all, like a giant computer-controlled

The weather information service is not quite as advanced. This day,
the experienced presenter was just introducing a new one. Shortly
before going on air, he asked her:

  `What's the temperature outside?' 

She looked at the thermometer and answered: 

  `Twenty-four degrees.' 

He glared at her and said: 

  `Decide for twenty-three or twenty-five. It's NEVER twenty-four
   degrees around HERE.'.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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