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The NRA would be proud... (Brett Barksdale)

This paraphrased story has been taken from June 1995 issue of Oregon

Apparantly, a local cyclist had a bit of trouble with a dog that ran
off someone's porch and chased him down. He had a few words with the
dog's owner and left. Later, he returned to take down the address of
the house to file a formal complaint. When he returned, another person
came out of the house with a gun. The cyclist fled as the person fired
a couple of shots into the air. 
   A year and a half later, the case finally came to trial and the
gun-toting person was found guily of menacing. The cyclist said that
the person probably did NOT help their case by:

   a) telling the jury that his hero was John Wayne
   b) not knowing exactly how many guns he owned 


   c) that he strapped on his gun every day after coming home from
       working at the post office.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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