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X Files rejected scripts (Bill Conrad)
(chuckle, television, original)

        Top Ten Rejected X Files Scripts

        1) Title: "C. Brown"
        Summery: Fox and Dana stake out a pumpkin patch waiting for a
reported floating orange figure which only appears in the presence of
a certain bald headed child.
        2) Title: "Just a movie?"
        Summery: Fox uncovers the secret alien past of the "Stargate 
Ancient Egyptian Remote Planet Tours and Themepark" through the 
cryptic hieroglyphics found on ancient bathroom walls. 
        3) Title: "Trouble in isle 10"
        Summery: Aliens make large public landing in the 'Target'
department store parking with the intention of shopping early before
the Christmas rush.  Guest star: Rossane Arnold.
        4) Title: "Bay view"  (Part 1/2)
        Summery:  Fox and Dana are called to investigate a California
beach where everything is clearly not natural. This is a two part episode
which cliffhangs with Dana barley escaping the charm of the head lifeguard.
        5) Title: "Time 9:02.10"  (Part 2/2)
        Summery: This is the second part of a two part episode.  Fox
and Dana find the source of the unnatural events which are emanating 
from a high school that only produces picture perfect students.
        6) Title: "Vipers in the sky"
        Summery: Fox plays an April fools joke on Dana by trying to
convince her that his not-so-super secret FBI person 'leaked'
information about the television program Battle Star Galactia and its
factual past.
        7) Title: "Area 51"
        Summery: A top secret military base once thought to contain
captured alien spacecraft and experimental planes to actually be a
place for 'Northwest' pilots to discretely land and get plastered. 
        8) Title: "The X files Christmas special"
        Summery: Fox and Dana witness a graphic "tail hook" type 
Christmas party where all traces of are which are covered-up in 
military fashon.
        9) Title: "Psychic friends"
        Summery: Certain 900 numbers which had been previously
classified for entertainment purposes only are actually the real
        10) Title: "X Windows"
        Summery: A node ( [on the now Politically 
Correct Internet] is uncovered by Fox to actually be run by aliens
spying on our every move.
        "The source (code) is out there..."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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