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The "Good Old Days" of the I-Way (Chris Rutkowski)
(smirk, internet)

Parents always tell their children how rough they had it when they were
kids. How will we tell the next generation about our early days on the

Things to tell our children about the "golden age" of the Internet:

1.	We were so poor, we had to read our email by candlelight.

2.	Our town was so small, the electronic superhighway was
	a Japanese transistor radio.

3.	Times were very tough for us. We could only afford

4.	We were at such a remote site, our hardwiring was
	battery jumper cables connected to a CB radio.

5.	Our gopher had fur.

6.	Our connection was so slow, it took weeks to upload
	every new Yanoff's guide, which was out of date
	faster than we got it.

7.	Our web site was in the top left corner of the kitchen
	cupboard, but at least it caught most of the flies.

8.	FIDO was what chewed the cables.

9.	Prodigy was the Sears Catalogue Outlet in town.

10.	We were so poor, our IRC host was Mrs. Finebaum, the
	switchboard operator. She got netsplits whenever her bobby pins
	broke through her bun.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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