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The (other) Two Cultures (Duane D Morin)

	One of our project teams hired a new PhD recently, so they took
him over to our place to visit, and ask questions.  At one point, he 
needed to known the diameter of one of our transducers, but we didn't
know it.

	The draftsman hands the scientist a vernier-style caliper.  The
scientist looks at it for a moment, sees that it has inches and millimeters
marked off on it, then proceeds to hold the transducer up to the scaled
part of the caliper in an attempt to eyeball it.

	I practically spit out the water I was drinking.  "Pete," I said,
"You gave a caliper to a scientist?  What are you thinking?"

	Peter looked at the scientist's plight and said, "Oh, I'm sorry,
but I'm gonna have to give you this."  And he reached into his desk drawer
to pull out a 6inch, neon pink ruler that said "Chuck E. Cheese" on it.

	The scientist said, "That's what I need!" and promptly measured
the transducer.

[Peter would like me to add that the (relatively cheap) caliper cost
 about $80.  The ruler cost 32 tickets at Chuck E. Cheese.]

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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