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Good Times (Rand Whillock)
(topical, computer, internet, chuckle)

*********************  NOTICE: Virus Alert  *********************

The title of this message should probably read no more good times.
There is a new type of virus making its way across the net causing 
major problems for users and administrators alike.  

What makes this virus so terrifying is that it is passed on by the
very people it infects.  This virus has already caused massive network
bandwidth clogging and eaten up millions of megabytes of disk space.

This new mutating virus can infect machines of any type, running any
operating system.  It can be passed through Email, News or even bulletin
boards.  The only requirement is that the host machine must be
connected to the information superhighway in some way.

Luckily we now have a good means of detecting the virus.  It often 
included in a message with a title like: "New E-mail virus detected" or 
"Warning: Good Times virus is back". It usually takes the form of an 
otherwise innocent looking message warning about another virus called
Good Times. The reality is that the good times virus is just a red 
herring and the actual virus is the warning message itself.  

This terrifying virus causes people to make multiple copies of the 
warning message, sending it to every place they can think of.  The
virus quickly propagates across building, company, country and even 
world wide networks.

This virus must be stopped.  Do not pass the good times warnings 
along.  We must kill these messages wherever we see them. 

This notice has been brought to you by SERTZ.  We are dedicated to
keeping the internet free of these types of viruses.  Please pass
this notice along by mailing to mail-lists or posting to news groups.
We must get the word out. 

Note: when sending this warning out title the message Good Times so 
that people will recognize it.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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