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F is for ... (Beck-o-rama)
(smirk, computers, language)

This is a true story folks (I couldn't have made it up - I don't speak

I spoke with a colleague about doing some time series analysis, and he
offered to send me several of his subroutines.  Since he is an
'old-timer' I was not surprised to see that all of his files had the
extension '.f' (which denotes that a program is writen in the FORTRAN
language).  I figured that although my FORTRAN is a bit rusty I can
still take a hack at it.  Maybe I can even run it through a FORTRAN to
C converter and get off easy.  So I listed the first source file and
to my shock I found the following at the top of the file:

	subroutine bande_passante( y, pas_temps, f_poids,
	1	f_1, f_2, f_largeur, lacune_valeur, n_lacunes, lacunes_debut,
	2	lacunes_fin, n_donnees, donnees_debut, donnees_fin,
	3	titre, t_j, y_o, mode, y_label )
c		Faire une filtrage d'un sequence temporelle
c	du sequence y, commencante a la pointe n_1, et allant jusqu'au n_temps
c	Si 'f_poids' = 0, n_temps est pris comme 2**n, est il n'y a pas
c			d'extension.

It seems in this case, '.f' means the program was written in the
FRENCH language.  So now I am looking for a FRENCH to C converter,
does anyone have any leads?

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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