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The spirit of Three F (Mark Crispin)
(smirk, true)

One of the interesting facets of life in Japan is the great amount of
English words used in advertising.  Very often, the language is something
quite different from English.  We call this Jenglish, and every so often
we encounter a true beaut. 

Three F (Surii-Efu in Japanese), a convenience store (7-Eleven clone) near
my home, proudly proclaims its store motto on the storefront and on its
bags.  The graphics consists of a green circle, a red heart with four rays
coming from the top, and a blue star.  Without further ado: 

Symbolizing the Three F philosophy in which we aim at discovering every
need in daily life and an emitting base of creation and suggestions of new
life, this mark consists of three forms with free strokes.  The round
shape of "Circle Green" which gives a feeling of warmth represents the
earth fostering us and a solidarity ring combining the new life style of
people who are increasingly becoming sensible with local communities to
support the people's happy and healthy lives.  The bridge heart of "Heart
Red" represents information-emitting energy, indispensable for today's
convenience stores and the "service mind for rich lives."  The bright star
of "Star Blue" represents Three F attitude of trying to materialize a
peaceful and affluent future.  When today's life style exists free from
uniformal patterns, our store itself is a message for the people of a new
kind.  Thus, as the core of the message, this mark symbolizes the spirit
of Three F rendering thoughtful services. 

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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