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Twelve ways to get drunk cheap! (Chris)
(original, chuckle, alcohol)

I wrote this myself.  I wouldn't admit that normally, but I hope to get
a million beers out of this article (read on).


Top 10 Ways to get drunk for five dollars or less

In the good old days, a university student could head out to the bars
with five bucks and be assured of having enough money to get royally pissed.
Indeed, she'd usually have enough left over to intoxicate any piece of fluff
she decided to make her conquest that particular night.  We don't live in the
1920s anymore, however, and Russia is quite a cab fare away.  These days most
university students have become resigned to a life of poverty, sobriety, or

But never fear, and grab your beer, Chris is here.  Now my secrets on getting
drunk cheap are yours!

Number 10.  Be a frosh (freshman).

It's not true that every frosh can be knocked into unconciousness
by waving a tom collins under their nose, but as those of us who go hunting
for frosh on "New Kids night" at the local dance holes know, the phenomena
is not rare.  Frosh are usually young, inexperienced, and sometimes even illegal
to entice into your boudoir.  If anyone can get drunk on five bucks, it's them.

Number 9. Be female.

	Chivilry is not dead! While you ladies can't expect guys to risk their
life, or miss an episode of star trek for you, you may still be able to get
some alcohol out of them.  Try standing around the bar, sipping water
with a grimace on your face.  Dress slutty.  Smile at guys as they walk by,
the drunker geekier the better.  If you want to get more than one drink out
of a guy start talking about how hot it is.  Act intoxicated.  Become even
more friendly.  At an appropriate time have a friend come by and "save you",
then move on to the next guy.

Number 8. Try Medication.

	Sleeping pills.  Allergy pills.  If it says "do not take alcohol with
this drug" or "do not operate a motorized vehicle while under the influence
of this drug", it must be good! Intelligent students such as ourselves, while
not having a shred of pharmaceutical knowledge, can see that these statements
are a plot by alchol producers to keep us buying large quantities of

Number 7. If it ends in 'ol', drink it!

	Alchol isn't the only intoxicant ending in 'ol'.  Methanol, Butanol 
and Propanol are all fine safe intoxicants, often available at bargain prices.
Stay away from aerosol, cholesterol, and drool.

Number 6. Sleep Deprivation and Sickness.

	For some reason, your body doesn't want you to have any fun, and
actively fights alcohol pois^H^H^H^Henhancement.  When you're sick, and tired,
your body's defences are at their lowest.  This means its often one of the
most cost effective times to get plastered! Best of all, if you puke, you can
blame it on the flu.

Number 5. Try Antifreeze

       Hey, ten thousand deranged alcoholic street people can't be wrong!

Number 4. Smash and Grab.

	Drunk on less than five bucks? Try drunk for free! If you're smart
enough to figure out your news reader, chances are you're smart enough to
plan a little robbery.

Number 3. Scavange.

	Go to any bar and you'll usually see alcohol that people just don't
want.  Most often these finds will be at empty tables, with chairs with
jackets on them that people also don't want.  Grab the booze, and the jackets,
and leave. Do so stealthily though.  You wouldn't believe how many
losers will pretend that they really wanted their cast offs.  Finders keepers!

Number 2. Hang around with Losers or Generous People (same thing)

	Some people are crazed enough to buy alcohol for other people, and
expect nothing in return.  Well, they might expect after they buy you
a round that you'll do the same, but you never signed any contract.  Generous
people usually stop buying alcohol when they realize what a cheap bastard
you are, but losers will usually keep on doing it.  They'll be so overwhelmed
by the fact that you're actually talking to them, they won't worry about
little details, like that they're spending their tuition money to get you

Number 1. Make Beer Fast

Finger the originator of this article, an address will be given.  Mail
one beer to this address.  Using saturation posting techniques, repost
this article to enough newsgroups for about a million people to see it.
Within a few weeks you'll have received a million beers.  In another few
weeks the postal system will collapse.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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