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As ye sow, so shall ye reap (Stephan Zielinski)
(smirk, sexual, gross, original)

Back in the '70s, days of conspicuous (ahem) consumption, Hugh Hefner
was showing a friend around the Playboy Mansion.  At one point, Hefner
turned to his friend, and said, "Did you ever hear this joke?  A woman
receives flowers from her boyfriend.  She turns to her friend, and
says, `Oh, great.  Now I'll have to spend the whole weekend with my
legs in the air.'  `Why?' says her friend.  `Don't you have a vase?'"

They laugh, and then Hefner opens a door with a flourish.  Inside,
women are reclining on couches, naked as jaybirds, with flowers
protruding from their vaginas.  Hefner and his friend have another
laugh and are flirting with the girls when suddenly, from the next
room, there is a bloodcurdling shriek!

"What was that?" starts Hefner's friend.

"Oh, probably just the umbrella stand..."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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