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All OJ, All the Time (martin frederic melhus)
(topical, chuckle, celebraties, original)

With the rise of the Fox network, and the recent debut of UPN (the Voyager
network,) it seems to me that the time is ripe to launch:

TSN - The Simpson Network.

Daytime programming would consist entirely of the televised trial
proceedings, with commentary during recesses.  While this might seem
redundant, what with ABC, CBS, and NBC already doing it, there's so much
more to the Simpson network, such as:

Comedy -     Prime time is filled with Naked Gun, Naked Gun 2.5,
             Naked Gun 33 1/3, and so forth.

Sports -     Replays of Buffalo Bills games from the 1970's.

Science -    This week, Nova examines the legitimacy of DNA testing.  Noted
             experts Robert Shapiro and Marsha Clark will offer their
             conflicting viewpoints.

 Feature -   This week on the Simpsons, Homer is involved in an
             accident at the nuclear plant that turns him black, tall,
             and handsome, and leaves him only able to respond to the
             names "OJ" and "Juice".

Cops -       L.A. detective Mark Furman tells about his most exciting case to 
             date, as well as giving information about how to falsify evidence.

Renegade 2 - Judge Lance Ito, fd up with the publicity that he has received,
             sets off on his motorcycle righting wrongs with his fists....

L.A. Law -   Shapiro, Dershowitz, Bailey, and that other guy having just
             another ordinary day practicing law....

Hard Copy -  Hard Copy has the inside scoop on who's on the OJ jury, and who's
             just an alternate juror.

I'm sure that one could fill 48 hours a day with this stuff.
(Note to foreigners - the OJ Simpson trial is generating a ridiculous amount
publicity here in the USA.)


     Martin F. Melhus     | Going to school is like riding a horse; you make
  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  | more progress, and find it less unpleasant, when | you are on top of it.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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