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The Joy of Troubleshooting
(smirk, users)

This is a true story as it happened to my mother a few (maybe 20) years ago
while she worked for a Sears in western Pa.

An elderly man phoned into the service department where my mother worked to
complain that the new TV that he just bought was broken. When my mother asked
for a description of the problem, the man said, "It quits."

A repairman was sent to the home where he found  the TV was working just
fine. He ran the usual diagnostics on it, and it tested fine, so the
serviceman left, telling the man to call back in if it happens again.

The very next day the man called in saying that the TV just quits, and it
isn't fixed soon he will return it. This time the Service Manager (ta-dah)was
sent out to see if he could locate the problem.

After testing the TV and finding it in perfect working order, the service
manager began asking a few questions. "Does it blow any fuses? Do you own a
Ham radio? Does this happen at any particular time?"

To that last question the man replied, "Yes. Around two o'clock each morning
- it plays the national anthem and quits!"

(I suppose you have to be a certain age to appreciate that one.)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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