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Three Men in a Boat (Frederick J. Boyles)
(smirk, boating, gross)

There were three old guys who decided to go fishing on a very Hot July
day.  They picked a small lake because they had a small boat, and they
packed a large cooler full of beer. After they had fished and drank for
some time, old Charlie decided that he needed to take a leak. The other
two guys told him to go to the back of the boat and take care of his business.
About fifteen minutes passed and one of the guys asked where old Charlie
was?  They both turned around and to their surprise old Charlie was not
there!  They were stuned because old Charlie did not know
how to swim.  So one of the guys decided that he would dive in and see if
he could find Charlie.  After two attempts he managed to find this guy and
with the help of the other fisherman, they got him back into the boat.  
One guy started mouth to mouth resperation, while the other guy started
pounding on the fellows chest, to get the hart started.  About ten minutes 
passed and the fellow that was doing the mouth to mouth pulled back 
and remarked that he didn't remember
old Charlie's breath being this bad earlier this morning... and the other fellow
remarked that - come to think it, he "didn't remember that Old Charlie was
wearing a snowmobile suit either! "

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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