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Singh, Singh, Singh (Narendra Tulpule)
The University of North Carolina
(smirk, ethnic)

Note to the unenlightened :
	Sardarjies are Sikh guys ( sic - not sick ). Hardworking, intelligent
	and therefore the butt of Indian ethnic jokes.
	Also, their names end in Singh, meaning lion. eg Anaj Singh 
        or Food Lion.

This is but a meagre selection from a vast vulgar and varied collection. All
responses welcome ( especially since it's costing somebody thousands, if not
billions of $$ and clogging telephone lines throughout the civilised world AND 

1.	Banta Singh lives on the 14th floor of the apartment building, 
Santa Singh in the basement. Banta invites Santa for dinner. Santa climbs 
up the stairs ( no elevator since the landlord, Boota Singh, also 
manufactures shoes. )
	On Banta's door hangs a large sign : " FOOLED YOU! ". Santa is furious.
	He ponders awhile and writes underneath : " BUT I DIDN'T COME UP 
AT ALL ! "

2.	Santa is walking through the street when he sees a graffiti : " 
Reader is a moron. " After scratching his head for awhile, Santa comes up 
with the perfect retort and writes underneath : " NO! Writer is a moron. "

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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