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John Salvi Triple Threat (Maddirator)
(topical, chuckle )

Another shoot-em-up at an abortion clinic.  New Hampshire resident
John Salvi got himself a triple play, hitting two clinics outside
Boston, Mass, and a third in Virginia.

Seeing as this topic combines the tasteless topics of abortion and
guns, of course we have to bring you a few jokes about it.  Skip
these if your blood pressure goes up reading about either topic.

Subject: Pro-life terrorists
From: (Danny Clark)
Keywords: topical, chuckle, guns, original

The guy who shot up the two abortion clinics in Brookline, Mass.
turned himself in today, said it was all a mistake. He thought they
were post offices.

Subject: Reading PC Magazine...
Organization: College of Arts and Sciences, Northwestern University
From: (Michael A. Atkinson)

This is original by David Guidry <>, used with his

Sitting in our shared office, I was chuckling at a botched ad in "Abort,
Retry, Fail?" found on the back page of PC Magazine.

Dave: "What you got there?"

Me: "It's just ``Abort, Retry, Fail?''"

Dave: "What's that, another John Salvi joke?"

Michael A. Atkinson, CAS Dean's Office, Northwestern University
                N9ZCD <>

Subject: Is that a step up or down?
From: (Chris Shabsin)
Keywords: topical, smirk, religion, offensive

Today, John C. Salvi III, the man accused of two murders in Brookline,
MA abortion clinics, released a statement saying, "If I am not proven
guilty, upon release I will become a Catholic priest."

Oh, so he's tired of murder and wants to move on to child molestation?

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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