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The Devil Made Me Do It (Steve Davis)
(smirk, television, religion)

  I must confess to being a regular viewer of the game show, 'The Price
Is Right.' I've yet to figure out who has the most wrinkles, Bob Barker
or Barker's Beauties. Today there was a contestant I enjoyed watching
more than usual. The "game" he played was 'Punch Board.' (break the
covering of various holes, which are numbered 1-50, & good ol' Bob pulls
out a slip of paper with the dollar amount for the hole) This elderly
man was punching out 4 holes & was attempting to punch #7, but punched
out #6 by accident. His physical reaction made it obvious that he'd not
intended to punch #6. Too bad, too late. However, before Bob pulled out
the slip of paper, he had a short convo with the elderly man:

Bob: Is there a special reason you referred #7? (lucky number, someone's
                                                 birthdate, or age..etc)
Man: 7's just a good, sound, biblical number.

Bob: Well, what's the matter with the number 6?

Man: 6 is, well, <a pause & confused look> it's just a bad number. 6 is
     the devil's number.

Bob: <pulls out the slip of paper> Well, the devil says you win $10,000.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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