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Government belt tightening (Paul Rensing)
(smirk, science)

The Particle Data Group (PDG) is a group of high energy physicists
who, every two years, publish a summary of data of interest to other
high energy physicists. Part of their task is to average the results
of different experiments to create a "standard" number. They produce a
small booklet which is intended to be carried around by said
physicists, and includes such nice small additions as a ruler along
the edge of some pages.

This is from the Errata to the 1994 edition:

The "centimeters" on the ruler on p. 227 of the Booklet are 0.97 cm
long, because:
   a) The booklets were returned from the printer at 0.26 times the
      speed of light;
   b) A theorist is in charge of the Particle Data Group;
   c) The PDG feels it has the right to redefine anything it wants;
   d) There is a general decline of standards;
   e) There was an international conspiracy;
   f) It was a congressionally-mandated cost-saving measure;
   g) PDG gives you cm/inch than anyone else.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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