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Re: Possible bug?

NoSupport@netbomb.bomb (Netbomb NoSupport)
(topical, chuckle, computers, ISPs, parody)

Your message has been received by NoSupport@netbomb.bomb. The Netbomb Technical NoSupport Staff will review your email and reply when they get around to it. Please be aware that certain problems may take a while to investigate. There may also be a delay if we have to forward your message to another department. You will probably get a faster response by mailing directly to the appropriate department for issues outside our purview. The addresses you should be aware of are:

New account information .......... info@netbomb.bomb (auto-reply)
Accounting and billing ........... gimmee@netbomb.bomb
Account cancellation ............. gotcha@netbomb.bomb
Credit Card Billing ............. mitnick@netbomb.bomb
USENET and NNTP feed questions ... whatnews?@netbomb.bomb
UUCP email and mailing lists ..... whatmail?@netbomb.bomb
Personal Network Connections ..... $$$@netbomb.bomb
Dedicated Network Connections .... $$$@netbomb.bomb
Domain name registration ......... hostmaster@netbomb.bomb
Security or system problems ...... oops@netbomb.bomb
General system admin questions ... bobs_on_vacation@netbomb.bomb
General "how to" questions ....... NoSupport@netbomb.bomb
All NetCruiser questions ......... DorkSupport@ix.netbomb.bomb

If this is an urgent problem, please contact our 23.997 hour, 7.1294 day a week pentium-based Technical NoSupport number at (408) 555-1212.

NoSupport NoSupport@netbomb.bomb
Technical NoSupport Staff NETBOMB Off-line Communication Services

[Well, this is close enough to the form letter you get from Netcom
support. Seems my Mitnick Legal Fund posting has brought all the
other Netcomics out to play. And yes, for those of you who took the
trouble to write to me, that one really WAS a joke. --The Editor]

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