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Mitnick Cracks Route 66? (John E. Norlin)
Caterpillar Inc.
(topical, chuckle, computers, journalism)

I saw this just today in the NandO Times:

>Arrest of alleged hacker sets nerves on edge on the Internet
>(c) Copyright the News & Observer Publishing Co.
>New York Times News Service
>[first several paragraphs deleted]
>What Mitnick is believed to have done is called "cracking route" --
>penetrating to the deepest levels of the computer operating system, giving
>the hacker the omniscience of the company's highest-ranking supervisor.
>"If you can 'crack route,' you can do anything you damn please," Marson
>said. "You can look at everyone's file, see everyone's password, set up
>software to get every password on The Well or every other system (clients)
>use when they call from The Well. There's virtually no limit to what you
>can do."
>[last several paragraphs deleted]

Just goes to show what happens when reporters try to write about subjects
which they know nothing about.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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