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Mental-Disease-of-the-Month Club (Abner J. Mintz)
(smirk, psyschology)

A poster mentioned the Mental-Disease-of-the-Month Club as a comment during 
 a serious thread, and Epiphany (the muse of jokes entering one's mind
 fully formed) clubbed me over the head with a jar of prozac, resulting
 in this followup:

"Announcement: the mental-disease-of-the-month club is being
 disbanded immediately.  The reasons being:

1) During dipsomania month, the club party spent 10 times its budget on
2) During kleptomania month, all of the club furnishings were removed,
   and (as aforementioned) the budget was already spent and gone.
3) During megalomania month, the club organization broke down due to
   having sixteen claimants to being Club President, etc.
4) During multiple personality month, our club roster roughly tripled in
   size with no increase in dues.
5) During paranoia month, the inflated roster dropped to zero as each
   member changed his or her mailing address and left no forewarding
   address for the club.

You members were obviously out to ruin us; it's all clear now.  It took
 all our remaining personal savings to track you all down.  Therefore,
 here is your last installment: clinical depression.  Have a nice day."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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