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Make alot of money real fast (Bill Bremer)
USAF Academy, CO
(chuckle, parody)


	Hello, my name is Mo.  The week before last I was broke.  Worse 

than that, I was a million dollars In debt.  My wife left me and took 

the cat, but not before she maxed the credit cards. I was a sufferin 

fool.  But then a helpful individual posted a Make Money Fast tip in 

the news group I was reading.  It was my lucky day!  

	Yep, now Im a billionaire!  I just bought Brazil.  And a new 

Honda.  I have four wives so far and have switched to dogs as my pet of 

choice (more faithful).  I too will share this secret of acquiring wealth.  

Dont be fooled by those other get rich quick schemes.  This one is the 

real deal!

	You must do exactly as I say in the order I tell you or a 

lightning bolt will surely strike you dead.  Otherwise, this is a 

perfectly safe process.

1.  Leave your spouse, you will get as many new ones as you would like.  

If you have a cat get rid of the sucker, itll just turn on you later 

once you are rich.

2.  Send me (Mo) a million bucks or as much as you have, in cash.  Please, 

small bills only.

3.  Send the next three people on the list the rest of your money, divide 

into equal portions.

4.  Add your name to the bottom of the list and send this list to everyone 

you know or come into contact with, include these exact instructions.  Put 

it in every news group that you read.  Send it out via wildcard email.

5.  Do not remove any names from this list.  The list may get very long 

and you can take great pride in the fact that you will have something in 

common with everyone on the bottom of the list.

6.  Youll have to wait a couple of months or more for your money to 

start rolling in, just be patient.  What ever you do, do not attempt 

to contact me or any of the top three names on the list.  I expect to be 

relocating soon.  

7.  Remember the danger in not following these instructions exactly.  

8.  Heres the list.  Send your money real soon.

Mo (Motivated) Salesman			John Uh Smith	
Suite 123					Suite 124
Wacko, Co  80100-123			Wacko, Co  80100-124

John E. B. Good				Bill E. Boy
Suite 125					Suite 126
Wacko, Co  80100-125			Wacko, Co  80100-126

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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