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Elephants Never Forget (Kendall Gelner)
(smirk, animals)

I heard this one from a co-worker - he claims to have been wandering
the earth many years, searching for someone who appreciates this joke.

One day an explorer is out in the jungle.  As he wanders along, he
comes upon an elephant, crying with pain, a large thorn lodged in its

Feeling sorry for the elephant, the man carefully pulls out the
thorn.  The elephant looks at him gratefully, then limps off into the

Many years later, the same man vists a circus, and sits in the front
row.  The elephant acts come on, but one of the elephants keeps
looking over at the explorer.  Eventually, the elephant breaks free,
runs over to him...  then picks the man up with his trunk, dashes
him to the ground, and tramples him to death with his mighty feet.

Why did the elephant do this?


It wasn't the same elephant.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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