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A beach tale (Sarah C. Stone)
(smirk, sexual)

Ok, a little boy and his mom were walking down the beach and they come 
across a couple madly screwing.  The little boy says to his mom "Mommy, 
what are THEY doing?"  

"Ummm, well, ahhhh, they are having a clam bake.  Yeah a clam bake."
So, the little boy content with the answer continues down the beach.  
They come across another couple screwing. "Mommy?  Are they having a clam 
bake too?"  "Ah, yes.  Yes they are."

So, they go home, and later that night there is a knock on her door.  She 
comes out a minute later and says "What do you want?  It's past your 
bedtime."  And the little boy says "I was thirsty and wanted a drink.  
Oh, Mommy.  I have a question."  "Yes?"  "Were you and daddy having a 
clam bake?"  

The mother, astonished, looks at the little boy and says "What makes you 
say that?"  And he replied....

You have tartar sauce running down your lip.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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