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Contract Bridge (Bill Conrad)
(chuckle, parody, original)

        The most respected name in bridge sale is about to present
an offer that no self respecting bridge collector can ignore. The
Bradley Bridge Exchange is proud to introduce the Commemorative Bridge
Series.  Even if you have never collected bridges before this unique
investment opportunity should interest you.
        The Bradley Bridge Exchange has been selling quality
collectable bridges for fifty years.  Now through this once in a
lifetime Internet offer, you can purchase famous bridges.
        Think about it, EVERYONE needs bridges: to go to work,
walk across, jump from, get mugged under and to throw rocks from.
        Not all bridges go up in value, the Bradley Bridge Exchange
guarantees that your own personalized bridge will retain its minimum 
value for at least one full year. 
        The famous Golden Gate Bridge was originally offered through 
The Bradley Bridge Exchange for a mere 35 dollars.  In the 57
times it has since been re-sold, its value has increased to an 
astounding 10 million dollars!   No other LEGAL investment could give 
that kind of return so quickly.
        Look at the fine craftsmanship of this early American George 
Washington Bridge:  Note the detail in the rust, the unique "yO maMa"
mural which captures the American dream and the fine cracked metal 
work in these steel supports.  You will not find any composites or 
reinforced concrete here.
        1) Bridges are not owned by the city, state or country.
Bridges are owned by the contractors that build them.  They are 
then purchased by the Bradley Bridge Exchange.
	2) Top investors say that bridges are a solid investment with 
underlying liquid assets.
        3) In addition to the potential of increasing of the physical
value, bridges can actually generate INCOME through the use of tolls.
        4) Not only am I an owner of a bridge I am also a user!
        5) Insurance is un-necessary.  There has never been a theft
of a major bridge in the history of The Bradley Bridge Exchange.
        6) Bridges also make useful homes for transients which will
make you appear in good standing in your community.
        Act now while prices remain low.  The Bradley Bridge Exchange
WILL destroy all bridge molds for the above mentioned Washington Bridge
with in a period of 30 Days.  The first 100 bridges sold will receive
25 toll free suicide hot line signs at no additional cost.  All mailers 
will receive The Bradley Bridge Exchange's guide to purchasing tunnels 
and national parks at no additional cost.  
        Please E-Mail us directly at with your 
credit card number.  System operators are standing by.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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