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New Class at Purdue University (Jeff T.P.)
(smirk, academia)

[This is something my old roommate ( and I
came up with one day after one of our favorite communication courses.]

Course Description for COM 666 - Principles of Intoxication

Prerequesites:  Receive a failing grade in 2 of the following:
                COM 114, COM 204, COM 250, COM 300, COM 318
                OR take any one of the above more than three times.

Instructor:  Professor "Uncle" Charlie Stewart


This communication course is normally intended only for graduate
students, but so many undergraduates were receiving honourary credit
(see below) for that class that it was opened up to Undergraduates.

The course focuses on Intoxication and how it relates to other
communication classes at Purdue.  Topics include:  Stripping
in front of crowds while drunk, passing out from intoxication before
your roommate and his girlfriend make too much "late night noise,"
how to avoid "beer goggling" (ie.  I knew she was ugly, I just didn't
care anymore), how to hold conversations with loved ones while getting/
being intoxicated, jumping off balconies without killing yourself or
breaking grills on the first floor, ignoring those annoying friends
who tell you that you can't handle your liquor (there's a test on this
one), missing exams and quizzes due to weekday parties, walking to
your significant other's residence while too drunk to see, how to drink
anything with alcohol in it, getting alcohol for free, and how to avoid
preforming bodily functions in the wrong places.

The grading scale is based on the average BAC you maintain during the
class (0.4 gets you a  4.0, 0.3 gets you a 3.0, etc.).  Best of all it's
a 12 credit hour course, with all lab materials supplied (ie. FREE BEER!).

Honourary Credit:

Honourary credit is awarded to any student who masters all of the topics
above not while taking this course, but rather one of it's prerequesites.

[Both me and Bruce have gotten credit for COM666, and I think I'm going
to be teaching it next semester. (: ]

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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