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English Broken Here

My father was a pack rat, and as estate administrator, I had to go through
every last piece of paper to ensure that nothing meaningful was discarded.

In a box labelled "Warranties and Manuals", I found a manual for the
"Lucky Enlarger", a photo enlarger manufactured sometime in the early
1950's in Japan.  I don't know whether you could call it "meaningful", but
it sure was funny.  Here are some excerpts for your amusement.



 Your Lucky Enlarger Model Junior is the newest model which we, who are
 always at the lead of this line, have firstly produced in an effort to
 wish for popularization of enlarging work, since we removed to the new
 and larger factory with a view to meeting more and more the demands for
 our products in the future.


 You take out Pantograph with Lower lamp housing, and Upper lamp housing
 from case E, then insert Pantograph from the top of Column.  Now you clean
 up the inside of Lamp housing to see no dust put in.

 Continuously you take out Condenser lenses unit from case D, wipe it clean
 with soft cloth and set it into Lower Lamp housing.  In this case, pay
 attention so as to place upper the side of 3 screws and don't pay attention
 to the position of them.

 [Comments on enlarging work]

 Condenser lenses and Enlarging lens become dime often when it is stone-cold
 in Winter or very damp in rainy-season.  In this case, it is one of the best
 way to use these lenses after wiping up dimness with soft and clean cloth
 and warming these lenses at a fire from far away.

 [Comments on enlarger itself]

 To keep Enlarging lens out ot dark room, not to leave it alone
 after working.

 To wipe up the chromed parts with clean cloths, not to touch your Lucky
 Enlarger with hour hand stained with various medicines, and not to leave
 your Lucky Enlarger alone for a long time in the damp place.

 To the care of Easel mask in order to be able to operate smoothly it always
 and avoid rust arisen on the rail.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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