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O.J. Simpson Digest

(topical, smirk) (Clay R. Zambo)

Day care? [rec.humor.funny]

Day care?

Heard on an otherwise dull AM radio talk show this morning (no, I was looking for the news!):

CALLER: I just saw a CNN update on the O. J. Simpson case. Michael Jackson has volunteered to take care of the kids. (Dylan Rhodes)

(topical, chuckle)

If an ex-football player had to kill his wife, why couldn't it have been Frank Gifford? (Rogers, Scott)

(topical, chuckle)

OJ calls a limo service and requests a limo. The dispatcher tells Mr. Simpson "Yes sir Mr. Simpson we have a limo for you, but it will be a 45 minute wait."

OJ replies, "Great, I have some time to kill."

Source: Co-worker (Glen Foster)

This one is orignal and came to me while watching the OJ debacle at my favorite watering hole Friday night:

Q: What's worse than being married to John Bobbit?

A: Being divorced from OJ Simpson. (Sunita Kumari Bhatia)

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
OJ who?
Congratulations! You're on the jury!

{ed this joke was submitted by more than 20 people}

OJ and the World Cup [rec.humor.funny]

OJ and the World Cup (Nic Warmenhoven)

My father wrote this one:

What amazes me about OJ's pre-trial hearing was that the defense NEVER
mentioned that both Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman scored own goals
against Colombia! I mean, you'd think...

OJ's latest alibi [rec.humor.funny]

OJ's latest alibi (P.J. Geraghty)

Seems OJ will finally beat the rap, as he has an airtight alibi...

...He was in a Denny's waiting to be served...

What's the question they're asking in the California penal system?

Who gets to have O.J. for breakfast?

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