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It's dark in here... (Rus Ambler)
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(chuckle, sexual, heard it)

The couple are merrily banging away, going ten to the dozen then she hears the sound of a car door slam shut.

"Oh shit" cries out the woman, "It's my husband coming home early." The man mutters "Holy Shit" under his breath, panicking about his prediciment. "Quickly" the woman replies as she gathers up his clothes. "Take these and hide in the closet until the coast is clear." He picks up the offered garments and steals away to the large closet. He closes the door and crouches down.

After a while he gets the sneaking feeling that he's not entirly alone. "Dark in here, isn't it." The young boys voice confirms it. The womans son must have been hiding here during the whole sordid act. "Holy Shit" the man mutters again. "Listen sonny. If I give you ten pounds will you keep all this to yourself and not tell anyone. The young lad thinks for a minute before saying "Tell you what, make it a fiver and you've got a deal. (Evidentally the lads state education wasn't totally wasted...).

The man hunts around for his wallet and pulls out some money, using the light beaming through the keyhole to deduce it's demonination. The boy quickly takes the money and tells the man that his secret is safe. He breaths a sigh of relief and eventually manages to escape.

The next day at breakfast the young lad pulls out the fiver from his pocket and starts to work out what he can buy with it.

"What's that?" his father demands. "A five pound note? Where did you get it from? Did you steal it?"

"No. I earned it" the boy wails.

"A likely story. You stole it didn't you?"

The father rises from his chair and removes the money from the boys' hands. "Go to confession this instant and pray for your forgivness, you thief."

The boy relucantly trudges off to the local Church, walks in and walks up to the confessional. Once at the door he pushes it open and finding it vacant, he walks in, closes the door and sits down.

"Oh, dark in here isn't it" the boy whispers.

A voice from the other side calls out : "Holy Shit, not you again"

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