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Cooking lessons (Raymond C. Minich grad)
Saint Bonaventure University, Olean New York USA
(smirk, cooking)

A few years back my wife wanted to take a stab at making some homemade 
jelly, so being the obliging fellow that I am I said I'd help her out.  In 
the process of preparing all of the required materials she discovered that 
she needed several small glass jars, and being that we'd just bought a house 
with a root cellar full of old glass bottles and jars I knew where to get 
just the jars she needed.  

So, down to the basement I went, where I picked out a dozen or so of the 
jars I felt were appropriate for this jelly making expedition, brought them 
back up to the kitchen and put them on the counter.  I then went about my 
business elsewhere.  A short time later I came back into the kitchen to find 
my wife weighing each of the jars on the small food portion scale we kept on 
the counter, and telling me that these jars wouldn't work.  I politely then 
asked her "What Are You Doing?", whereupon she proceeded to explain to me 
that "this recipe called for 1 dozen 6 ounce jars".

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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