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3 Nuns and an anonymous donation (Richard Rognlie)
(smirk, religion)

I heard this last night from the Baritone in a local Barbershoip quartet,

3 nuns in a local convert receive an anonymous donation of $100 each.
The first nun, Sister Mary Margaret, says "I'm going to give my money
to the poor box."  The second nun, Sister Mary Rose says "I'm going to
use my money to paint the sanctuary."  The third nun, Sister Mary
Ambrosia says "I'm going to leave the convent, and give my money to 
some poor soul who looks like he needs it."

So, she leaves to convent, heading for the lower end of town, where she
encounter a destitute looking man.  She approaches him, hands hime the 
money, saying only, "Godspeed, my son."

The next evening, there is a knocking on the convent door.  Sister Mary
Margaret answers the door, and there is the destitute man from the 
prior evening.  "May I see Sister Mary Ambrosia?" he asks.  "Just a
moment my son..." 

She retrieves Sister Mary Ambrosia.  She see the man and asks, "What is
it, my son?"

"Here is your money.  All $700 of it!  Godspeed paid 6-to-1"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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