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Fraud and schemes on the internet... (Augie Kuo)
(smirk, usenet, scams)

With all these money-making requests and scams on the net, I thought maybe
some people can make some legitimate money.

Dear Friends,
	My name is Augie Kuo.  In August 1994 my cat got possessed and
Bill was hounding me like you wouldn't believe.   I was laid and then my
employer chick had run out.  The only escape I had from the pressure was
my computer and my modem.  I longed for some adventure and a vacation.
	By now maybe you think this is some pyramid scheme and ready to
trash this post.  That's what I first did when I logged in and saw all 
those stupid pyramid scheme posts and I added "MAKE MONEY FAST" or other
similar titles to my kill file.  Do you ever think that those poor sods
who put their REAL names and addresses ever get any money?  Probably not,
as often the person who posts the message puts him/herself near the top
of the list.  Aren't these messages just a waste of time and bandwidth then?
	Well just think now, all those messages advertise a mailing list
but with only 10 or so names and addresses on them it's probably not worth
a dollar.  But suppose you collected ALL of those posts, sorted them and
put them together as one huge database?  That's right, you've got a list
of potential marks and greedy idiots!
	Dream up some kind of scheme and make up some "information" fee.
You don't have to make it too expensive because I have tens of THOUSANDS
of these names and addresses - surely some will bite and you'll have made
a profit with little investment.  You're probably hitting yourself on the
head saying "Now why didn't I THINK of that?"  Well I did so you can buy
my mailing list for only $4.95.
	With tens of THOUSANDS of names and addresses, this is not such a
small price to pay.  You'd get your investment back with only 5 noodle
heads assuming you only asked $1 from each of them.  If you're a sick and
perverted psycho, you could harass/stalk those that lived near you.  Send
them a mail bomb and watch them as they excitedly open it, thinking that
someone sent them some money!  Whoowee, nothing beats their expression
on their faces when that thing goes off  :)
	So what are you waiting for?  $4.95 isn't such a high price to
pay for some deranged entertainment or cash in on a scam.  Remember, these 
people are gullible and not too bright!  Where else are you going to get
a list of desperate fools?  Act now and change your life for the better!

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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