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Brave New World - Political Division
(topical, funny, election, computers)

The following message was forwarded earlier today to a discussion list I monitor.

Scott Line

David Jarmul here in your nation's capital. Are those of you outside the Beltway as anxious as I am for this miserable election campaign to end? Maybe next time we can get the candidates to follow our pionet lead and just conduct the whole business by computer. For instance:

I got bounced from the system. Trying to get back in. Advice?

Try keys on right. Check menu.

Did someone say menu?

To get back into system, log in remotely as outsider.

or ask someone to massage your data.

suggest you check the parent file.

maybe you have vaporware.

That could be the problem. Am working with demo version.

demo version is corrupted. try new software: republ 94.0.

bdole is right. also check if you need new speaker.

make sure the file is convertible.

Help! My communications protocol is crashing!

maybe you've logged on too many times. :)

I also have communications problem. Can't exit o.j. newsgroup.

follow earlier advice: Check parent file.

do any of you need the system operator (sysop) to help you?

Thanks but no thanks. we don't need sysop.

hey, don't flame me!!! I'm running this system.


hee hee.


logoff all users. create new chat group.


Well, maybe not. These impudent but appropriate views are my own, of course, not my employer's, but I do look forward to seeing where the rest of you take this thread before the polls close.


WAIT! It's election day? Nobody told me. I wanted to be on the ballot!

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