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Top-10 reasons to build Babylon 5 (Parag Patel)
Code Generation Technology
(smirk, tv, original)

Top-10 reasons for building Babylon 5

10)	Tax write-off for Lockheed.

9)	They wanted to try ZZomething different.

8)	Really cheap after discovery of a planet where money
        really does grow on trees.

7)	"Welcome to Babylon 5."  "Three, sir!"  "Three!  Babylon 3!"

6)	Same old story: drunk Congressmen and naked blondes on a
        slow cruise past Uranus.

5)	Needed a restroom stop between here and the Centuari Republic.

4)	EuroDisney was such a good idea, why not GalaticDisney?

3)	Only safe place considering wide-spread crime in American cities.

2)	Would serve as a defensible outpost against Cylon tyranny
        (sorry...that's on the wrong list...that's from "Top 10
         Reasons to Build 'Battlestar Galactica'")

1)	Three words: Fabulous Alien Babes!

Original contributions from:
    -- Parag Patel <>
    -- Dave Seagle <>
    -- Steve Sharp <>

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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