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Your Highway Dollars At Work (Brian H. Safford)
(chuckle, government)

Heard this morning on the Dick Purtan radio show here in Detroit:

A farmer was sitting on his porch one afternoon, when a State Highway Truck 
pulled up along side the road in front of his property. The driver got out 
of the truck,
walked to the grassy area next to the road, dug a hole, then got back into 
the truck. A few minutes later a passenger in the truck got out, walked to 
the hole, proceeded to fill it back in, and then returned to the truck. The 
driver then moved the truck 50 feet up the road, and the process repeated 
itself. This went on for the entire stretch of road in front of the farmer's 

The farmer, who was already a bit upset about the poor quality of the road, 
couldn't believe his eyes. He stormed down to the truck, pounded on the 
window, and demanded to know what was going on.

The driver replied, "We're part of a highway beautification project, but the 
guy who plants the trees called in sick."

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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