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The Ultimate Putdown (Martin Kaplan)
(smirk, insults)

My brother was playing in a golf tournament sponsored by a local 
charity.  The charity determined the make up of the foursomes and, as luck 
would have it, one of the members of the foursome was Al, a rather 
obnoxious and foul mouthed individual.  On of the perks of the tournament 
was a food and beverage service for the golfers while they were on the 
course.  Delivery was made by a cadre of rather attractive young ladies.  
Al, true to form, every time a delivery was made, had to make some sort 
of off color comment to the young ladies.  There was one young woman in 
particular who was the object of his attention and his comments.  When he 
remarked to her that she looked rather sad, she replied that on a 
beautiful sunny day like this she would rather be elsewhere having a good 
time.  Al looked at her and remarked that if she came home with him after 
the tournament, he would show her a really good time.  She looked at Al 
and said, "Al, you know what your problem is?  Your mouth is writing 
checks that your body can't cash."  Needless to say, Al was rather quiet 
for the remainder of that round of golf.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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