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Funny, but real, chain letter (Othar Hansson)
Heuristicrats Research, Inc.
(topical, smirk)

When I travelled in more elegant circles, I got a chain letter in the
mail from one of my friends.  It had a cover letter from everyone in the
chain, and to my surprise, had been across a number of desks in
reputable newspapers, magazines and advertising agencies.

The instructions were to make five copies of the entire stack, add a
cover letter to each stack, mail to five of your friends, and destroy
the stack you received.  

I jumped right to the last step, but I still remember the cover letter
by the editor of one of the two best U.S.  newspapers (paraphrased here):

> My normal reaction to chain letters is to toss them out.  But my heart
> has been warmed by the thought, true or not, that after all our years
> in this cutthroat business, my colleagues and I may still have five
> friends left.
> More touching is the apparent fact that someone else still believes
> that I, specifically, have five friends left.  
> I cannot help but pass this letter on to you, so that you may share in
> this fantasy.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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