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Computer-illiterate stenographer on drugs (Mark Delany)
(smirk, computers)

A few months ago at very short notice we had to pull in a temporary
stenographer to record an important meeting that discussed the
technical issues of replacing a legacy Datapoint system with a
networked Unix system of some sort.

Unfortunately our temporary stenographer had some difficulty with the
buzzwords and terms used in that discussion. Here are a few gems
extracted from the transcript:

Selection criteria: High availability systems such as 'right
technology', redundant systems and 'fork tolerance'.

Base on the 'scale ability' we nailed it down to either an HP 9000 or
a Sun Micro Systems "Sports Centre" 2000.

The "Sports Centre" is based on the Texas instruments "Super Sports" 40
mega hertz chip. 

Today we've got "Romans" sitting here and in the future environment
we're going to swing over to Terminal Servers. We are not going to
EX.25 initially.

\...a little bit later on we'll swing over to the EX.25 network and
these terminal servers can 'compound' at that point in time. As long
as we understand that as 'competent'.

Once we go to EX.25 we go direct into the Unix box in 'lagret' mode rather
than thru the "Yot Misser" ... above and thru the Unix Motorola box "into
the east of our curve". 

Now if this 'confirms' a bottleneck at any point, we do have the
ability to use a black box interface to the "interdatum".

Question: Between the Motorola box and the "Ethen that hog"* is the
connection between "lures" likely to be a log jam?

Question: What's the physical means of transferring?

Reply: I think you had better talk to Peter about that its "subject to
walls" which will ruffle if the ISO fall?

\...the trouble is the the current machine writes the "exercise" in a
particular format... which is why I'm saying why can't this thing have
multiple exabyte feeding...

Can we talk a little bit about the current configuration? Don't we
have some capacity on the Sports selectors? 

It may have the ability to have or .... connect onto the X.25 crowd. The
concepts that we're going to use today ... into your remote locations
we'll probably leave that as a dial in. Is it connected to your X.25

Looking at the current system architecture for a minute. This is the
Motorola machine, the production machine coming into the "arc of", and
then you've got your "Crowd processors" around here. Then the "brown
processors", your "ear plugs" and over here where your transactions
are coming thru the 8600 "vaults". I believe that this is the tester.

Okay, I think that gives us the most cost effective solution in
today's environment. Sam, why don't you talk about the "frozen cams"?


We think we know what a "fork tolerant" computer is and we speculate
that an "Ethen that hog" is actually an Ethernet hub, but the Romans,
ear plugs, lures and frozen cams have us well and truly stumped.

What I'd really like to know though is what the stenographer though we
we're all planning to do with our crowd processors and X.25 clowns.


(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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