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Top ten reasons to become a woman (Clayton Brooks)
(original, chuckle, gender roles)

A few years ago, a male workmate (call him John) of someone I know 
decided to "officially become a woman" with an operation soon to follow.
I found this to be rather unusual and kept trying to come up with reasons, 
some serious -- some silly, why someone would want to do this.  Well, 
I found the silly ones to be rather amusing and made up a top ten list 
with them.

Disclaimer: This is humor as a reaction to unusual circumstances and
            is not and never was created with bad intentions.
  ***** Top Ten Reasons Why John Is Officially Becoming A Woman *****

10. Lower auto insurance premiums

9. Easier to get job because of hiring quotas

8. Cleaner restrooms

7. Tired of boring men's fashions and wants something new and exciting

6. Women live longer

5. Can get easily picked up in bars

4. Really likes the guy next door but knows that he is not gay

3. Failed to make the MEN'S U.S. Olympic Ski Team

2. Wants to be an assistant to Clarence Thomas to find out 
      if "it's really true"

And the number 1 reason why John is officially becoming a woman:

       PMS - An Incredible Sensory Experience!!!

[Clarence Thomas is a U.S. Supreme Court Justice that was accused 
      of sexual harassment toward some of his female staff]

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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