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You've earned them!
(smirk, sexual, religion)

A  rabbi was visiting his old friend, a priest. The rabbi had never seen the
practices in the church so he asks his friend if he could attend one of his
sermons. The father says OK. After the sermon the confessions begin. The rabbi
asks if he could sit behind and listen to the confessions. The priest agrees. A
young man steps in the confessional and says 
" Father, Father I have sinned". 
"What did you do my son" the priest asks. 
"I slept with three women during the past week."
"Are you married?"
"You have committed a great sin but I can help you. Pray the lord, sing gospels
and hail Mary and donate $100 to the church."
After a few minutes another man enters the confessional and says the same
things. The priest asks him to the do the same things and tells him to donate
$100 to the church.
At this point the priest gets a phone call and has to leave. Before leaving he
asks the rabbi tif he could take over the duties for a few minutes and rabbi
says "Don't worry. It's a piece of cake."
A few minutes later a young woman enters the confessional.
"Father, Father I have sinned."
"What did you do my child?" asks the rabbi.
"I slept with a married man."
"How many men did you sleep with?" asks the rabbi
"Just one"
"Are you sure you did not sleep with three men?"
"Yes , I am sure"
The rabbi thinks for a minute and says;
"You have definitely committed a sin but I will help you. Pray the Lord, Sing
gospels and Hail Marys and donate $100 to the church and now the church owes you
two fucks." 

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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