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What do they recommend? (Edwin Hoogerbeets)
(original, smirk, grammar)

I recently had a minor accident in my new car (sob sob -- it was minor,
so no-one was hurt, but damn was it annoying). I phoned my insurance
company and they sent me a letter that included the following

     We have asked an appraiser to inspect your vehicle and attempt
     to reach and agreed price with the repair shop of your choice.
     We do not recommend repair facilities.

I'll bet! They'd just love it if I stayed away from the "repair
facility" and made no claim. Or perhaps they would recommend that I fix
it myself? Hmm...

I sent them back my filled-out accident report form and a little note 
that said:

     Thank you for your prompt response. However, your letter was
     somewhat confusing because the references to the repair facilities
     which were dangling aren't very clear. Look up "misplaced
     modifiers" or "ambiguity" when you write subsequent letters which
     are in your grammar book. However, I do not recommend grammar

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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