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Why Babies Need So Many Clothes (Tom Cross)
(chuckle, awww)

My wife, Karen Cross, wrote this.  

Why Babies Need So Many Clothes

1.  Because baby eats.  Eating is a messy job for a baby.  If you wrap
    a baby in a towel sized will find the tiny gap of space
    left around the neck and dump food in.
2.  Because baby sleeps.  Sleeping is an unplanned job for baby.  If
    you don't have a clean dry diaper on baby when baby decides to
    doze...or even if you will figure out a way to sleep and
    still whiz on everything.
3.  Because baby drools.  Baby may look clean to the unexpecting
    admirer...but beware of picking up the little water fountain
    unless your clothing has flood insurance.
4.  Because baby moves.  If your house is will find spot.
5.  Because baby has Grandma.  Grandma thinks the little suit with
    ears and a tail is SOOOOOO CUTE!!!  Not to mention the Santa suit,
    pumpkin suit, turkey suit, bunny suit, or cowboy suit.
6.  Because baby grows.  Size 1 today...size 3 on Wednesday...
7.  Because baby things disappear.  Even washing machines enjoy a light
    lunch once in a while.
8.  Because baby has relatives.  Aunt Bertha made a bright orange
    sundress out of wool for baby.  Gee...let's see if the washing
    machine has eaten today....
9.  Because baby hates getting dressed.  If mom cannot get baby in and
    out of clothing easily and quickly during any part of any day or
    night...that set of annoying clothing will be gift wrapped and
    sent to one of the in-laws.
10. Because baby travels.  It is not humanly possible to carry around
    all of the clothing a baby will need.  Therefore, stashes of baby
    clothing must be hidden all over the neighborhood.  (If you happen
    to find someone else's stash and the clothes look cleaner...just
    trade...they will probably be too tired to notice...)  :)

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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