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Tree Expert (Bob Luchetti)
(chuckle, bigots)

There was this fellow who came from an Eastern Province in Canada
and went to B.C. to get a job in the lumber industry.  The owner
of the sawmill told him that he had to show him what he knew, so
off to the bush they went.  The owner asked this chap "Tell which
kind of tree this is" pointing to the first tree he saw, to which
our hero replied "This is a pine tree, very soft, not bad for
some types of furniture and occasionally flooring." The owner
thought, not bad.  "Which kind of tree is this", he asked.  The
fellow replied, "Oh, this is an oak, strong, durable and good for
building." The owner was starting to get worried, this fellow
knew his trees, how could he not hire him?  On the way back to
the office he asked this guy, "What kind of tree is this?"  "That
is a cherry tree, very, very hard wood and makes beautiful
furniture."  "Alright, then, where is the front of it?"  The
applicant walks around the tree two or three times and finally
points and says "This is the front, right here!"  The sawmill
owner asked him "And how do you know that?"  "Because somebody
sh*t behind it!

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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