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Special Nancy Kerrigan issue (Maddirator)
(topical, chuckle)

And here's the latest on Nancy Kerrigan; U.S. figure skater who was 
attacked by a man who hit her knee with a baton, right before the 
skating trials.  Further news showed that associates of skating rival 
Tonya Harding are involved.

Subject: Bizarre new twist in Kerrigan case
From: (Perry B Friedman)

A bizarre new twist in the Nancy Kerrigan case mirrors the recent
tragedy of another celebrity.  It has been discovered that the club used in 
the attack on Kerrigan was owned by actor Johnny Depp.

(River Phoenix collapsed and died after emerging from "The Viper Room",
a club owned by Johnny Depp)

Subject: Olympic Skating Endorsements
From: (P.J. Geraghty)

Tonya Harding has already landed her first endorsement contract...from
Louisville slugger...

P.J. Geraghty, FF2/NR/MDEMT-P	
(301) 629-3188             

Subject: New Olympic Sport
From: (Matthew Merzbacher)

The recent Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan soap opera come-to-life [*] 
has got me thinking.  Inspired by the biathalon, which combines 
cross-country skiing with marksmanship, it's time for the Olympic 
committee to add a new "combined" sport -- figure skating and battery.

I'm still working on the "pairs" event, but I imagine something along
the lines of the Bobbitt case.

"Well Jim, those blades can be mighty sharp..."

Matthew Merzbacher		matthew@CS.WILLIAMS.EDU

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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