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University Reorganization
(smirk, academia)

Following the merger of the Geology and Geography departments at Central 
Michigan University, the following flyer appeared in faculty mailboxes:
To the University Community:
Many misconceptions are circulating among the faint-hearted about
reorganization and its potential consequences.  We wish to express our
support for the bold leadership of Provost Frank in his creative
approach to combining departments and reorganizing schools.  We believe
reorganization can lead to a new era of intellectual florescence on
this campus.  Taking a hint from another similarly situated
institution, in which the motto of the newly-created Small Business and
Men's Physical Education Institute is:  "Pulling oneself up by one's
own jockstrap", we urge the administration to consider the following
possibilities as models for future reorganizations:
     Department of Military Science, Religion, and Political Science -
          or "Department of Propaganda Arts"
     Department of Biology and Rhetoric - or "Department of
     Department of Accounting and Fashion - "No Taste for Accounting"
     Department of Clinical Psychology and Gerontology - or "Still
          Crazy After All These Years"
     Department of Philosophy and Nutrition - or "Healthy Mind, Healthy
          Body -- Take Your Pick"
     Department of Geology and Men's Physical Education - or
          "Department of Hard Knocks"
     Department of Theater and Journalism - or "Show and Tell"
     Department of Mycology and Men's Studies - or "He's a fun guy"
     Department of Mathematics, Romance Languages, and Dance - or
          "Department of Order and Disorder"
These are only some of the more self-evident possibilities, but we urge
creative minds to propose their own combinations.
                          F ront for the
                          R eorganization of
                          A ll
                          N ature
                          K nowledge and
                          E ducation

Dave Lorand, innocent bystander.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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