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Lorena Bobbit Trial--Special Edition (Maddirator)
(topical, smirk, sexual)

Lorena Bobbit is on trial, and the jokes are coming in.  In case
you need a reference, this is the woman who cut off her husband's
manly part.  Pass the Diet Slice, please.

Subject: The Bobbits
From: (Doug Landauer)
Keywords: topical, smirk, sexual, original

I saw the ad ...

   You remember all those great hits from The Bobbits --
	Mac the Knife
	Love Hurts
	My Ding-a-Ling
	... and many more!

   Well, now you can get them all, for only $19.95 in this
   new collection from K-TEL.

   Operators are standing by!  If you buy now, we'll throw in
   one extra, surprise cut!

   Call now!

   [Co-sponsored by Ginsu.]
Subject: You want fries with that?
Keywords: topical, chuckle, sexual

Don't give me any credit for this, I heard David Letterman tell it.  But it's
still funny enough to share:

Well, the Lorena Bobbitt trial is now underway, and all kinds of new 
information is being unearthed every day.  Now, now it seems that on
the night in question, Lorena Bobbitt did in fact want to have sex...

\...she just wanted it *to go*.


From: (Gail Flowers)
Keywords: topical, smirk

Heard this one from my brother:

In an effort to decrease the amount of publicity that he's been getting lately,
John Bobbit has changed his name to Les Johnson.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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