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(smirk, sexual)

 Once there was this 40 year old woman that came into billons of dollars
She was lonely woman so she hired some people to find her a husband.
Her only requirement was that he must not have ever slept with another
woman. So these people searched the world, and after afew months one of the
people came back and said found the perfect man. The rich woman flew down
to Australia to meet and marry this guy. After there wedding they went back
to the hotel room and decided do what everone does on ther honeymoon. She went
into the bathroom to freshen up and came out a half hour later.
  All the furniture was pushed to the sides of the room an he was laying naked
in the middle of the room. She screamed what hell did you do. To which he 
replied "I ain't never been with a woman before but if you fuck anything like
a kangaroo we will need all the room we can get"

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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