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Go vs. Chess (Wu Wen)
(smirk, games)

This was sent to soc.culture.china by an anonymous poster:

>   GO (A Chinese and Japanese board game) is a lousy game. It is boring and 
> exhausting. All pieces (stones) are identical, showing oriental culture
> does not tolerate individuality. The result is either win or lose and
> there is no draw, indicating oriental culture does not advocate compromise. 
> No physical representation is assigned to any piece, implying oriental people
> have no personality.
>   Yeh, there is a Chinese chess. But that was brought from India and Chinese
> made some changes into it. A pawn can not be promoted and Queen is missing
> from action. Chinese do not respect small-time nobody and discriminate against
> women. They count cannon in as a chessman because they love more violence.
> They replace bishop with prime minister because they believe in power than
> free thinking. Finally they create two guards for their general or marshall 
> since they are more scared and they are real "paper tigers".
>   (There is no King in Chinese chess, the purpose of the game is to catch  
> the general or the marshall) 

and here is my reply:

>   Chess, an Occidental bored;-) game is a lousy game. It's too simple
> and doesn't need to much brain. Different pieces are given different
> power and ability, showing the Anglo passion for class. Unlike the Go,
> as the game progresses, pieces are killed and less pieces are left
> than the opening of the game, implying the Occidental culture's
> preference for destruction. Whereas in Go, more pieces exist than the
> opening, and all pieces eventually coexist in an integrated way,
> showing that Oriental culture prefers peace and harmony. Besides, the
> black square bishop can not move into white squares indicating the
> Occidentals have always been promoting aparthied.  However, there is
> something good about Chess, the king has to depend on his wife for
> strength, a justification for the Americans' choice of Bill Clinton
> as their president.

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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