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A DAY IN THE OFFICE (Peter Boothby - Sun Melbourne SE)
(chuckle, awww)

The 13-year-old son of one of the sales reps in our office wrote this.
This is the text from his PC, complete with grammatical discrepancies.
He left a stack of photocopies in the office kitchen with a price of 
50 cents per copy. I think he made a couple of bucks (he'll have to 
go to New Zealand to spend my donation, though).


 A day in the office usually starts with a long ride in a car or a
 train to reach the office.  In the train you will be bustled around and
 will get tired and angry when it stops in the middle of the ride where
 there is no station and no people to get on or off.  For a car ride you
 will get caught in traffic jams and get really angry at the old lady in
 front of you who is going 5 kilometres an hour.  Which ever way you go
 you will end up hot and bothered.

 When you get to work your dull secratary will give you a jumbled up
 message about some meeting in three weeks time and then forgets what
 you are talking about and starts sending some stupid message to your
 boss about you being late.

 When you get to your desk your wife has rung up looking for you
 because you have forgotten your lunch.

 You start working and find out that all the files in your computer
 have been wiped because the radio was to close to your work station.
 On fixing your computer you are half killed by having to carry a
 moniter which weighs over half a ton  then getting electricuted when
 plugging it in.

 After feeling a bit thirsty you go and get a drink of water when you
 see a box of opened "Tim Tams" you grab them and start stuffing them
 down your throat when your boss walks around the corner and yells "GET
 BACK AT YOUR DESK" you grab what is left of the packet and hurdle the
 desks to get to your's after this you are puffing so much that you get
 an ashma attack and have to swallow 2 pills to stop it.

 Lunch is either a quick snack or a long business meeting usually
 taking 3 or 4 hours at a restaurant on the other side of town with
 someone you have never met before and is as ugly as a dogs bum.

 After lunch there will be a surge of phone calls all to the wrong
 number as your number is not unlike the chinese restaurant next door.

 You jump up hitting your head as soon as the siren goes for home time.
 And race out to your car to find that the kids from the local school
 have let down the tires. on the way homes you think about how bad your
 next day in the office will be...

                By Ben Hanna

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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