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Taxi Driver (Colm Buckley)
(smirk, sexual)

Heard this at work today - from a reliable source.

The scene : outside a nightclub at closing time. People are starting to
come out and look for taxis. One guy, known for his practical jokes, tells
his friends to "Watch this, and tell me tomorrow what the reaction is."

His friends then see him go to the first taxi in the line, and get in. They
see him talking to the driver. After a few seconds, he gets out of the car.
He goes to the next taxi and talks to the driver, only to get out again
after a few seconds. This process repeats for five or six taxis; then
finally he remains in a cab and drives off.

The other taxi drivers then all get out of their cars and talk to each
other. They appear to be in a state of some agitation, with many
incredulous looks in the direction of the departed taxi. Eventually they
get back into their own cars, and things settle down.

Naturally, everyone was curious as to what had happened, so when they met
the guy in question the following day, they asked him what he had done to
get the drivers so upset.

"Well," he replied. "I got into the first car, and told the driver that I
didn't have any money, but that I would give him a blowjob if he took me
home. Naturally, he refused. I did the same for the next few taxis."

"When I figured I was starting to push my look, I simply asked the driver
to take me home, without mentioning blowjobs...."

Imagine the reputation which that poor driver gained that night.....

(From the "Rest" of RHF)

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